The Greatest NFL Fan Freak-Outs On YouTube

YouTube has given the world some incredible things: cats playing pianos, stupid criminals supplying police with video evidence of their misdeeds and a young British boy biting his brother’s finger, to name a few. But one of the greatest YouTube gifts are fan freak-outs. Specifically, hysterical fan reactions filmed during NFL playoffs games.

When fans turn the cameras on themselves, which everyone seems to be doing these days, they allow others to see their uninhibited shouting, living room pile-ons and profanity-laced tirades. These emotional outbursts didn’t see the light of day before YouTube. Reaction videos capture nervous tension that puts viewers back in the moment the way a highlight alone cannot. On occasion, cameras have caught grown men crying.

Super Bowl XLV is almost here, so it’s time to look back at the greatest fan reaction videos on YouTube. We’ve culled the best of what’s available, the joy and the misery, but mostly the highs. Enjoy them, in no particular order.

1. Steelers def. Cardinals, February 2009, Super Bowl XLIII (Santonio Holmes touchdown)

2. Saints def. Vikings, January 2009, NFC Conference Championship (Favre interception compilation)

3. Jets def. Colts, January 2011, Wild Card round (compilation)

4. Saints def. Colts, February 2010, Super Bowl XLIV (Tracy Porter interception)

5. Packers def. Bears, January 2011, NFC Conference Championship

6. Seahawks def. Saints, January 2011, Wild Card round (Marshawn Lynch beast-mode run) (runner-up video)

7. Dolphins def. Colts, December 2000, Wild Card round (Lamar Smith overtime touchdown) (celebration at 4:50)

8. Chargers def. Colts, January 2009, Wild Card round (Darren Sproles overtime touchdown run)

9. Giants def. Bills, January 1991, Super Bowl XXV (Wide right from LT’s sports bar)

10. Eagles def. Giants, January 2009, Divisional round (Giants fan an emotional wreck following loss) (NSFW language)

11. Jaguars def. Steelers, January 2007, Wild Card round

12. Colts def. Patriots, January 2007, AFC Championship game

13. Giants def. Packers, January 2008, NFC conference championship (Lawrence Tynes overtime field goal)

14. Giants def. Patriots, February 2008, Super Bowl XLII (Plaxico Burress touchdown)