‘Locals Only’ Packs A Ton Of Vintage Skate Photos In One Big Book

While half of the country is getting blasted in the face with snow, sunny California remains sunny. It was bright and warm, too, back in the ’70s when the skate scene was raging in Southern California. Around that time, skaters around L.A., Beverly Hills, West L.A. and Santa Monica took advantage of empty pools during a drought. The skaters caught the attention of photographer Hugh Holland, who lived in Hollywood at the time, so he began driving around on the weekends snapping shots of skaters shredding empty pools, bowls and at contests. Holland describes the scene:

“The real start [of the collection] was one afternoon in the summer of 1975. I was in my car, driving up Laurel Canyon toward Mulholland, when I noticed a group of kids skating in a drainage bowl off to the right side. They called it the ‘Mini Bowl.’ It was small with very steep sides, and they were going up and down those banks. And out of the corner of my eye, while driving, I could have sworn that they were actually flying. The bowl was mostly below street level, so I just saw the skaters bobbing up and then sinking back out of sight.”

It wasn’t until a 2006 show in L.A. that Holland’s stock of incredible photos saw the light of day.¬†Nowthey’re compiled in the huge collection, “Locals Only: California Skateboarding 1975-1978,” available at Ammo Books. Have a look at some more of the incredible photos after the jump.

Photos courtesy Ammo Books