Is There Anyone Who Can’t Be Swayed By Justin Bieber’s Charms?

You got to give it to Justin Bieber. The kid’s quite the charmer. So much so that he’s practically won over the entire hip-hop world. Just look at the collaborations the 16-year-old has already locked down: Kanye West, Raekwon, Drake, Ludicris, Soulja Boy, and he’s got Lil Wayne considering a studio hook up.

With hip-hop throughly conquered, Bieber’s now decided to use that undeniable charisma to crack the rock world.  The Prince of Darkness–yes, Ozzy Osbourne himself–tapped the 21st century’s Prince of Pop for an upcoming Super Bowl commercial hocking Best Buy electronics. This comes just a month after Ozzy mumbled “Who the f**k is Justin Bieber?” during an interview with Mark Hoppus. But now Ozzy has no problem yucking it up with a teen idol, who got paid $1 million just to step on set with him.

So if Raekwon and Ozzy can kick it with the kid, then why can’t we? Seriously, what’s so horrible about Bieber that we can’t tolerate him? The more we think about it, and we hate to admit this, it’s totally one of those things where you loathe someone for being what you know you’ll never be. And unfortunately, we know we’ll never be a heart-stopping, faint-inducing, perfect smiling, 16-year-old song bird with more money than MC Hammer ever had. So consider this a bit of a mea culpa, recognizing that there are reasons not to hate Bieber. Of course, there are also reasons TO hate him, including these ridiculous pants.