7 Important Things Plus Jamie Edmondson Floats A Football

LADIES Jamie Edmondson sports an outfit for every NFL team [Playboy]
Is it possible to be a fan of every single team in the league?

BANGERS Ghostface Killah “2getha Baby” [XXL Mag]
Tony Romo gets a shout out on the lead single from “Apollo Kids.”

BRAWLS 10 infamous on-set fights [Next Movie]
Ready for a double dose of David O. Russell?

MEGAMIX Keenan Cahill performs David Guetta’s most popular hits [BroBible]
I love this kid’s spirit.

ROBOT Why the most expensive Indian film ever was worth every penny [Daily What]
Michael Bay meets Wachowski Brothers meets Christopher Nolan.

MAGIC Actually impressive party tricks [CollegeHumor]
It’s really this easy.

INK The 20 worst butt tattoos of all time (NSFW) [BuzzFeed]
WHY!? Just…why?

VICES The United States of shame [Pleated-Jeans]
This is basically a road map to hell.

Photos: Playboy