7 Important Things Plus Alectro Suicide Gazes Over There

LADIES Alectro is into days off, sweets and loud music [Suicide Girls]
There’s a party girl behind those innocent eyes.

METAL Big Four California show announced [NoiseCreep]
Thrash legends Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax…all together.

FLASH Picture this: Ian Thorley [Alli Action]
Behold, the trampoline of death.

SO BAD IT’S GOOD Disasterpiece Theatre presents…”Glitter” [Smoking Jacket]
Have some fun with the Mariah Carey disaster rated 2.0/10 on IMDB.

BROTHERS 7 great big brothers in movies [Unreality]
“Boxer shorts. K-Mart!”

TUXEDO 101 steps toward becoming socially awkward, as told by a penguin [GeekoSystem]
It’s all downhill after the dreaded finger-shake.

BEWARE 25 Los Angeles watch dogs [Urlesque]
So maybe the Chihuahua isn’t scary, but it’s awfully annoying.

DICTATOR Sacha Baron Cohen is Saddam Hussein [Film Drunk]
Here’s hoping Azamat has a cameo.

Photo: Suicide Girls