7 Important Things Plus Eevie Suicide Crawls On A Couch

LADIES Eevie Suicide is into Nintendo, Red Bull and thunderstorms [Suicide Girls]
She had us at “is into.”

STADIUM Wiz Khalifa–Black & Yellow (Live @ AFC Championship Game) [Nah Right]
Wiz and the terrible towels got the best of Consequence’s “J.E.T.S.” anthem.

BOARDS Snowboard slopestyle final highlights–Killington 2011 [Alli Action]
Torstein Horgmo owned the Dew Tour’s second stop.

NOSE Camera catches Mark Sanchez wiping a booger on Mark Brunell [BroBible]
This is no way to treat a veteran backup.

BRANDO Motivational posters: Godfather edition [Smoking Jacket]
Fredo finally makes some kind of contribution.

POURS 13 amazing liquor dispensers [Walyou]
For those who like their drunkenness with some whimsy.

COMICS Batman vs. The Internet [CollegeHumor]
Attack of the memes.

LAFFS 20 hilarious tennis faces [BuzzFeed]
What’s a tennis face? Glad you asked.

Photo: Suicide Girls