7 Important Things Plus Damsel Suicide Isn’t Distressed

LADIES Damsel is rocking the boat here with Praesepe [Suicide Girls]
Yeah, they’re more than friends.

BANGERS Outasight “Losing My Mind” [XXL Mag]
He makes losing his mind look like a lot of fun.

BENDERS 8 legendary drinking binges that only celebs could get away with [Smoking Jacket]
Even Charlie Sheen is disappointed he didn’t crack this list.

STICKS A fine sampling of oversexed video game ads [GeekoSystem]
Bonus packs include a memory card and scented lubrication.

WTF There are no words for this Batman costume [Unreality]
Brace yourself, people.

BALLS Missouri man invents Knokkers, life-size bowling meets pool game [BroBible]
Making retirement more fun since 2011.

THAT GUY The 14 best “creepy old man” photobombs [Guyism]
Michael Douglas has nothing on these guys, except a s***load of money.

KIDS 14 internet child stars to watch in 2011 [Uproxx]
Anyone else get the feeling that Keenan Cahill’s mom will rip open the door at any minute?

Photo: Suicide Girls