‘American Idol’ Contestants Who Make Us Consider Watching ‘American Idol’

“American Idol” heads into its big 10th season this week, which means there are now thousands of people across this country who have been insulted by Simon Cowell. Of course, there have also been a bunch of talented performers to come through the studio, many of whom have gone on to successful careers following their “Idol” appearance. There’s only one William Hung, though.

We’re not huge fans of the show. It’s often irritating and the singing, whether good or not, can be downright boring. But there’s one thing that has the potential to get us to watch: eye candy. Let others debate who’s the most talented; we’re happy to focus on the most gorgeous.

So here’s a list of the sexiest “Idol” contestants from Season 1 through Season 9. Clay Aiken just missed the cut.

Ryan Starr: Season 1

Kimberly Caldwell: Season 2

Leah LaBelle: Season 3

Carrie Underwood: Season 4

Lisa Tucker: Season 5

Haley Scarnato: Season 6

Ramiele Malubay: Season 7

Megan Joy: Season 8

Didi Benami: Season 9

Photos: Getty Images, AmericanIdol.com