Vinny G Is A Rapper Now, Of Course

What is it about Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” that makes goofy white people want to parody it? We’ve already had “Red and Green,” a Christmas-themed parody by two goofy white guys we’ve never heard of, and now we have “Black and Guido,” a “Jersey Shore”-themed parody from our friend Vinny. That’s right, kids–Vinny’s a rapper.

Obviously he’s just having fun with this and isn’t trying to be a real rapper (at least we really hope he’s having fun with this and isn’t trying to be a real rapper), but it’s not THAT terrible. On a scale of 1 to 10 of terribleness, with 1 being cookies (not terrible at all) and 10 being a urinary tract infection (the MOST terrible), this gets a 4. That’s really the best Vinny could have hoped for. Also, if you listen closely to his lyrics, you’ll notice that Vinny’s got an uplifting message about the insignificance of race when it comes to smushing. MLKJ would be so proud.

So here’s Vinny’s video. Now that he’s put out his first single, all he needs is a rap moniker. We’ll start with a suggestion: Italian Sausage.