Auburn Wins BCS National Championship But Not Without Controversy

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The definition of bulls*** is the same play occurring twice with two different results. The two plays we’re talking about occurred in two different BCS games, one last night and one in the Sugar Bowl. Last night’s involved a runner’s wrist hitting the ground and the refs not calling him down. The game between Arkansas and Ohio State involved a runner’s wrist hitting the ground and the referee stating clearly that “The runner’s wrist was down. By rule, he is down.” That’s bulls***.

Last night’s play happened on first and 20 for Auburn from its own 40-yard line. Tigers’ freshman running back Michael Dyer was tackled after a short gain. Or was he? Dyer’s wrist quite clearly touches the ground but the whistle never blows, and after some hesitation Dyer wisely continues running for a 37-yard gain, setting Auburn up for the winning field goal. If you watch the video below and dissect the two plays like its creator has, it’s obvious that the interpretation of the rule during the Sugar Bowl is a total contradiction of last night’s call.

This isn’t the first time a closely contested national championship game has been marred by controversy. We’re not picking on the NCAA, it’s just that they seem to be run by nonsensical money-hungry idiots. So maybe we are picking on it a little.

Watch the controversial play below, then commence head-scratching.