6 Embarrassing Videos Of Famous Old People Trying To Dougie

Few things in the history of this country have truly had the power to unite young and old, black and white, rich and poor, male and female, quite like the “Dougie.” Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but allow us to prove our point.

As you know, the Dougie is huge with the kids. Just go to YouTube and look for videos of people doing the Dougie. You’ll be there all day. Of course, that’s not really surprising; kids love to dance. The surprising part is that kids aren’t the only ones who Cali Swag District has taught how to Dougie. Old people love to Dougie too! Even more surprisingly, old famous people, the type who are usually smart enough to not subject themselves to the kind of embarrassment that comes with trying out a dance craze, love to Dougie. This is a claim that we’re prepared to back up with video evidence. Check it out below.

Wolf Blitzer teaches you how to Dougie

­Oliver Stone teaches you how to Dougie

Arizona State basketball coach Herb Sendek teaches you how to Dougie

Barbara Walters teaches you how to Dougie

ESPN’s Skip Bayless teaches you how to Dougie

Ellen teaches you how to Dougie