SNL Impressions Recap: Jim Carrey Does A Perfect Alan Thicke

Jim Carrey’s star has faded a tad since the glory days of “Dumb and Dumber.” In the last few years he’s been driving up movie budgets with his obsessive on-set improvising and dropping flops like he’s Manu Ginobili (“Yes Man,” anyone?). So it was pretty sweet to see him back doing what he does best on Saturday night’s “SNL.” As obsessive Wayans fans may recall, Carrey got his start in sketch comedy on “In Living Color” back in the ’90s. Watching him the other night, it was clear that this is where his talent lies. Lets check out some highlights from his episode below.

Michael Bloomberg (HAHAHA)

Shocker: “SNL” opened with a political sketch. Again. Fred Armisen does a good impersonation of Michael Bloomberg–all you really need is a slightly whiny New York accent–and the sketch does a great job of sending up New York City’s miserable response to last month’s blizzard. At the same time we couldn’t help but feel a tad disappointed to see yet another politician-staring-at-the-screen-format cold open. To quote Seth Meyers: “Really, ‘SNL’? REALLY?”

Jimmy Stewart, Billie Holiday, Alan Thicke, Miss Piggy, Kermit, Charles Bronson, and Sammy Davis Jr. (HAHAHAHAha)

In this sketch, Jim Carrey does an impression of a guy who does celebrity impressions. It’s like the universe has collapsed on itself! We love the concept of this sketch, about a medium who is actually an out-of-work comedian “communing” with dead celebrities. And while some of the impressions are pretty low hanging fruit (really, who CAN’T do a Jimmy Stewart impression?) the Alan Thicke imitation on its own makes the sketch worth watching.

Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis (HAHAHAha)

OK, this sketch is actually more a parody of the concept of “Black Swan” than of the movie’s actors. Still, we’ll give Carrey bonus points for donning a black leotard and gyrating around the stage sexy-ballerina style. The concept here is well-worn “SNL” territory–call it “guys-finding-non-sexy-stuff-sexier-than-actual-sexy-stuff” skits–but the execution is great. Also, Jim Carrey can stick his entire fist in his mouth. Wow.

Nancy Pelosi (HAHAHAHA) and John Boehner (HAHAHAha)

At this point, it seems like we can expect a Nancy Pelosi impression pretty much every week on “SNL.” Fine by us. Kristen Wiig does crazy eyes like Kanye does plain old crazy (which is to say: constantly). As for Bill Hader’s John Boehner, we love the cowardly lion style crying and spray-tan complexion, but come on, we’re gonna need something more than that. Otherwise it’s gonna be a long two-year term.


By our count, there are exactly zero celebrity impressions in this sketch. That doesn’t mean it can’t be hilarious…