Prepare To See More Butts On Your TV

Butt lovers everywhere have little pep in their step today thanks to ABC and Charlotte Ross’ ass. As you can see at right, Charlotte’s butt is a nice thing. But  in 2003, when Charlotte’s bare ass appeared on an episode of ABC’s “NYPD Blue,” the FCC didn’t think so, squeezing the network for $1.21 million worth of fines. Talk about a spanking!

Now, seven years after the show aired, the US Second Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated the fines, which ought to put those cheeky fellows at the FCC in their place. But the real rub here is this: Now other networks can afford to loosen their belts a bit and show more backside in their shows.

Analysts can’t predict yet just how much moon viewers can expect, but this ruling may encourage shows to become a bit spicier. And although a little extra ass never hurts, we don’t expect that networks will bend over backward to make it happen.

Via NY Post

Photo: Getty Images