7 Important Things Plus Rourke Suicide Is Lovely In Leather

LADIES Rourke Suicide likes philosophizing, snowboarding and freshly baked goods [Suicide Girls]
Run away with her to a slope and theorize about cookies.

PREMIERE Hot new L.A. act Grouplove’s video for “Colours” [SPIN]
A lot of fun going on out there.

BOARDS Jamie Anderson visuals: A day at Breck [GrindTV]
This is how a defending champ prepares.

140 10 hilarious fake Twitter accounts you should be following [Smoking Jacket]
Even God is on the Twitter now.

BADASS 5 awesome moments with Bill Duke [Unreality]
“You done f***ed up.”

MICROPHONE 10 comedians who need to become funny or die [BroBible]
If Carrot Top weren’t kind of a clown already we’d say he could make it as a clown.

MASK Is there a real life Kick-Ass roaming Seattle? [GeekoSystem]
Someone wake up Nicolas Cage.

FRUIT Men laughing alone with fruit salad [BuzzFeed]
A necessary follow-up to women laughing alone with salad.

Photo: Suicide Girls