Who Wore It Best: Ridiculous Fur Coats

Anyone who’s ever tried on a ridiculous fur coat knows that you’ve got to have style to pull it off. You can’t just throw a $10,000 coat over a pair of jeans and Raiders T-shirt. Kanye, Ke$ha and 50 Cent know what we’re talking about. All three of them have been known to rock a ridiculous fur coat and they all know how to do it with style.

First there’s Kanye, who loves wearing the dead skin of animals so much that he’s wearing leather pants with his ridiculous fur coat. Then there’s Ke$ha, who decided that the best pants to wear with her ridiculous fur coat would be no pants at all. Lastly, there’s 50 Cent, who took a similar approach to Ke$ha and ditched his shirt. You see, when it comes to wearing ridiculous fur you gotta make sure the rest of you looks ridiculous too. So who among these ridiculous celebs wore their ridiculous fur coat best? You tell us.