Meet The Man With A Snooki Tattoo

There are a lot of people in this crazy world who love our little Snooki. How could you not love this? But there is only one man, at least as far as we know, who loves her enough to have her name permanently¬†emblazoned¬†on his body. Chris Hamilton of Union Grove, Wisconsin, is that man. When we found out about Chris’s Snooki tattoo, we had to talk to him and find out if he’s totally insane. The surprising answer: No! He’s not insane at all. See for yourself.

Clutch: So Chris, why in the world did you get Snooki’s name tattooed on your leg?
Chris: I started watching the first season of “Jersey Shore” and kept seeing Snooki bring home these piece of s*** guys. I knew I would be so much better for her and I just fell in love. She’s the cream of the crop, the absolute bee’s knees.

Why do you love her so much?
She is very beautiful, she has a great personality, she loves to have fun and I am the same way. I love to have fun and enjoy life. She seems like she’s the life of the party too, and so am I.

What would you say if you had a chance to talk to Snooki?
I would tell her that her choice in men isn’t so good, that there are nice guys out there like me who would do anything for her. I’d tell her that even though I’m not Italian or from Jersey, I can still show up all those guys that she brought home from the club.

Not from Jersey, huh?
No, I’ve never even been to Jersey. I live in Wisconsin. I’m trying to go the Jersey Shore this summer though.

Did you consider going for more than her name, like, her face!?!
That’s actually my next step. I have a picture of her poolside holding a martini glass and I’m going to get it on the other side of my leg.

Wow. OH. So as we all know, the most important thing to Snooki is that her man be a gorilla juicehead. Does that describe you?
It does.