Celebrity Tattoos 2010: Who Got ‘Em And Who Will Regret ‘Em

According to the Chinese calendar, 2010 was the year of tiger. The Chinese calendar was obviously wrong — 2010 didn’t belong to tigers; it belonged to tattoos. Seriously, everyone got a tattoo in 2010 (of course, when we say everyone we mean famous people who actually matter, not insignificant folks like you).

With only two and half days left in 2010, there is no better time than now to check back on the year in tattoos. Unless Miley Cyrus gets inked up on New Year’s Eve (defintely a possibility), this is your official guide to 2010 celebrity tattoos.

Miley Cyrus

The ink: Last year Miley got her first tat — the words “Just Breathe” under her left breast. The she went tattoo crazy this year. First it was the word “Love” inside her ear, then it was a heart on her finger, then it was some mystery thing on her hand. Shew!
What it means: The “Love” tattoo is about the importance of, you guessed it, love. The heart tattoo is a mystery and the mystery tattoo is even more of a mystery.
In 2020… these few tattoos will barely be noticeable after Miley follows in her brother’s footsteps and gets a face tattoo.


The ink: Earlier this year, Rihanna had the words “Rebelle Fleur” tattooed on her neck and more people cared about it than anyone would have ever thought possible. The reason? It’s a bad translation.
What it means: Rihanna says the tattoo is mistranslated on purpose but she hasn’t said much more than that. All that we know about the tattoo itself is that it says “rebel flower.” What that means is anyone’s guess.
In 2020… she will have had the tattoo removed because she could no longer stand having to explain the intentional mistranslation.

Angelina Jolie

The ink: Angelina debuted her new thigh tat in the August issue of Vanity Fair. When asked what it means all she said was, “Umm, it’s for Brad.”
What it means: It’s hard to figure out what this tattoo means because it’s hard to figure out what it says. One sleuth thinks it says “Whisky Bravo,” which would be Brad’s first two initials in the military alphabet. Others think it says “Wiley beard.” We like that one better.
In 2020… the mystery of Angelina’s thigh tattoo will be solved after Shiloh writes a tell-all book.

Katy Perry

The ink: Back in June, while writing around in a tight latex dress, Katy Perry revealed a new tattoo on her upper left arm. It’s of the Sanskrit words “Anuugacchati Pravaha” and it matches a tattoo that her then-BF, now-husband Russell Brand has on his arm.
What it means: The words translate to “Go With the Flow” in English. And, as we all know, that means that people should always be really uptight and stressed out.
In 2020… Katy will consider getting the tattoo removed after she and Russell get divorced, but she’ll decide to keep it after falling in love with Bollywood star Anuugacchati Pravaha.

Lady Gaga

The ink: A few days after the Grammys, Lady Gaga paid homage to her biggest fans by getting the words “Little Monsters” inked onto her arm. Later in the year, she got a unicorn on her leg.
What it means: The “Little Monsters” tattoo is obviously a reference to the 1989 Fred Savage movie about going under your bed and finding monsters that look like Howie Mandel. Or maybe it’s a reference to her fans. The unicorn probably represents her love of Lisa Frank.
In 2020… Gaga will have had this tattoo revised to “Medium Monsters” to reflect the aging of her fan base.

Justin Bieber

The ink: An adorable little bird on his adorable little hip.
What it means: Apparently it’s a Bieber family tradition to have this little thing inked on yourself. Beyond that we can only guess at its meaning, but we don’t feel like doing that.
In 2020… the bird will have tripled in size and begin to resemble an ostrich, thanks to Bieber’s 200-lb weight gain.

Pauly D

The ink: Back in March, between the first and second seasons of “Jersey Shore,” Pauly D got a brand new tattoo of a star inside of a star inside of a star on his left elbow.
What it means: The stars are the logo of a clothing line that Pauly’s friend owns. “I love his clothes, I wear it all the time,” he told RadarOnline.com.
In 2020… the star will peel off after a freak sunburn sustained after falling asleep on the beach.

Vinny G

The ink: Vinny already had the Italian word “forza,” which means strength, inked on his right arm but he really beefed it up in February, adding an image of an angel and the Sicilian Trinacria–a symbol of the Italian island.
What it means: We’re guessing it has something to do with Vinny’s love of Italy.
In 2020… the half sleeve will have turned into a full sleeve, with other images of Italian icons like penne and Dom DeLuise.