7 Important Things Plus Megan Goes Under Covers

LADIES Megan is a smart, loving traditionalist [Inked Mag]
Nice eyes, too.

GIFTS Free music from Gorillaz, Lupe Fiasco, Yeasayer and more [SPIN]
The Christmas presents just keep coming.

WTF 5 incredibly stupid cons that actually worked [Smoking Jacket]
Someone once spent more than $6,500 to cleanse cursed money–and you thought you were gullible.

NOSTALGIA Four things we miss about older video game setups [Unreality]
Where have you gone, “Duck Hunt” gun?

FUSE Excellent post-holiday activity: turn your tree into a rocket [GeekoSystem]
It has to get thrown out somehow.

BEST OF Our favorite 61 viral videos of 2010 [BroBible]
You didn’t already forget “Woman Takes Watermelon to the Face from Slingshot,” did you?

DIZZY Guy puts camera at end of sword, takes awesome video [Urlesque]
Another incredible use for duct tape.

BOX OFFICE The highest grossing movies of 2010 [Film Drunk]
It was a good year for toys, the supernatural and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Photo: Inked Magazine