Money, Cash, Seasons Greetings: Hip-Hop’s 8 Most Jolly Christmas Lyrics

If there was one word most people would use to describe hip-hop, “festive” wouldn’t be it. Call us crazy, but we just don’t see Raekwon decorating his house with holiday lights or Beanie Sigel dressing up as Santa at the local children’s hospital. It seems like, in most people’s minds, holly and hustling just don’t mix. But if you look hard enough, you can find some holiday spirit in the most unlikely places, even the rap game. Check out some of our favorite examples of Christmas rap lyrics below.

The Track: Run D.M.C.–-“Christmas In Hollis”
The Rhyme: “It’s Christmastime in Hollis, Queens / Mom’s cooking chicken and collard greens / Rice and stuffing, macaroni and cheese / And Santa put gifts under Christmas trees”
Our Take: If Christmas is a time to partake in age-old traditions and look back on your past, then nothing in the world of hip-hop is more season-appropriate than a Run D.M.C. song. This line, where they list their Christmas menu, makes us hungry for the old school.
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The Track: Kurtis Blow–-“Christmas Rappin'”
The Rhyme: “We were all in the mood, so we had a little food / And a joke, and a smoke, and a little bit of wine / When I thought I heard a hoof on the top of the roof / Could it be or was it me, I was feeling super fine?”
Our Take: This whole song is full of classic Christmas rhymes, but this one, in which Kurtis is unsure whether he hears Santa or if he’s just super wasted, is our favorite. Holidays and inebriation go together like fruit and cake.
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The Track: Kanye West–-“Christmas In Harlem”
The Rhyme: “Well, I like the way you think, mami / Now pour some more eggnog in your drink, mami / Got a surprise for you that ain’t on your Christmas list-es / Gave her the hot chocolate, she said ‘It’s Dee-ricious’ ”
Our Take: This track is the hip-hop equivalent of a Christmas Special, with a slew of special guests and an old timey flavor. Trust Ye to throw a double entendre into the middle.
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The Track: Snoop Dogg–-“T’was the Night Before Christmas”
The Rhyme: “Then a fat, red pimp got out of his ride / It was perfectly clear he was from the North Side / ‘Yo, Santa, what’s up? Did you bring me some chronic?’ / And Tanqueray gin I can mix with my tonic?”
Our Take: Leave it to Mr. Dogg to turn Santa into a drug-dealing pimp.
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The Track: Kid Cudi–-“Soundtrack 2 My Life”
The Rhyme: “On Christmastime, my mom Christmas grind / Got me most of what I wanted, how’d you do it, Mom, huh? / She copped the toys I would play with in my room by myself”
Our Take: Wow, Solo Dolo, way to be a downer. No one wants to think about playing with their crappy toys by themselves a few weeks after Christmas. You just wrote the post-holiday letdown of rap lyrics.
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The Track: Nicki Minaj–-“I Get Crazy”
The Rhyme: “I am the rap Hannah / Mah Mon Montana so fix your antenna / I keep three hoes, but don’t call me Santa / And I am flyer than Reindeer in the Winta (In the Winter)”
Our Take: Nothing says Christmas like a solid reindeer reference. Also: we’re shocked–SHOCKED–that more MCs haven’t made that hoes joke before.
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The Track: Dr. Dre-–”Keep Their Heads Ringin'”
The Rhyme: “Your chances of jacking me are slim G / Cause I rock from summer until Santa comes down the chimney / Ho, ho, ho, and so, as I continue to flow / Cause yo, I’m just a fly Negro.”
Our Take: Aww…Dre still believes in Santa!
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The Track: Lil Wayne–-“We Takin’ Over”
The Rhyme: “Big ice, been lookin’ like a hog mouth / Vroooom, I had to bring the hog out / Light them trees, bring a log out / Every day Christmas, I’m eggnogged out”
Our Take: We absolutely love this rhyme. In fact, to honor, we’re going to get a glass of eggnogg right now. You should too.
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