Get To Know Candice Crawford, Tony Romo’s New Fiancée

Maybe it’s the beret or that clipboard he’s been carrying around since getting hurt, but somehow Tony Romo managed to dupe another gorgeous blonde into falling for him. This time it’s Candice Crawford, 24-year-old former Miss Missouri, sister of “Gossip Girl” actor Chace Crawford and Dallas sports reporter. Tony and Candice got engaged last night and the rock is about the size of a Super Bowl ring, something Tony probably won’t get his hands on.

The only people not thrilled for the newly engaged couple are the mopes who thought they had a chance with the stunning blonde and Jessica Simpson, who will now surely get lots of questions about it. Jessica might also be bummed because, let’s face it, Candice is hotter. To prove that point, we’ve put together a bunch of photos of the extremely easy-on-the-eyes Candice. Check her out on the next page.

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