The 27 Greatest Bears In The History Of Bears

Sure Yogi’s awesome–he’s “smarter than the average bear” and has a cartoon movie out tomorrow–but he’s just one wise bear among a forest of an incredibly awesome species. Somehow, bears have managed to cultivate a reputation as both terrifying and cuddly. And if you don’t believe that bears are the all-time greatest, there’s indisputable photographic evidence that indeed they are.

So it should be no surprise that bears have, among their many accolades, become prolific mascots, the objects of countless works of literature, film and television, and an ongoing obsession on the internet. Of course, with popularity and fame come detractors and haters. Here’s looking at you, Stephen Colbert. Now, it’s with great pleasure that we present the absolute greatest bears of all time.

1. Berenstain Bears

2. The ’85 Chicago Bears

3. Ninja bears

4. Care Bears

5. The Masturbating Bear

6. Teddy Bear

7. Shy Polar Bear

8. Dancing Bears

9. “Gummi Bears” and Gummy Bears

10. Bear Bryant

11. Smokey Bear

12. Baloo

13. Racing bear

14. Pooh Bear

15. “Bears”

16. Fozzie Bear

17. Bear Grylls

18. Teddy Ruxpin

19. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

20. Snuggle bear

21. Ewoks

22. Kim Kardashian’s koala friend

23. Cal Bears

24. “Anchorman”‘s bear

25. Build-a-Bear Workshop

26. Plastic honey bear

27. Flying Polar Bear