Rob Dyrdek Got An Enormous Monster Energy Tattoo On His Back

We’re pretty late to this one–almost 10 days, it seems–but if you’ve been buried under a pile of wreaths and garland like we have, then maybe you missed this too. Anyway, “this” refers ROB DYRDEK’S ENORMOUS MONSTER ENERGY TATTOO ON HIS BACK. If ever there was sentence meant for all caps, it was that one.

So yeah, last week Rob posted a video and a bunch of pictures of himself getting a massive tattoo of Monster’s “M” on his back. According to Rob’s Twitter, the whole grueling process took 10 hours; four hours to get the black outline of the M and six more to knock out all the color. The finished result, which Rob is calling a tribute to his “total brand dedication,” is above.

The initial reaction to Rob’s tattoo was a collective scream of “WTF” from his fans. But it didn’t take long for people to start copying the tat, in marker of course. And now the question has turned to whether it’s real or another Dyrdekian stunt. We’re no tattoo experts here, but it sure as hell looks real to us. The pain on Rob’s face in this picture looks real too. And if we’ve learned anything from Rob over the years, it’s that when something seems too crazy for someone to have actually done it, Rob probably did it.

Via GrindTV