7 Important Things Plus Christina Hendricks’ Rewind

LADIES Christina Hendricks and 49 more of this year’s best magazine spreads [BroBible]
Remember these pictures? We sure do.

RAWK Sick Puppies’ “Maybe” explores the risks of change [NoiseCreep]
It’s a power ballad for risk taking.

IN STOCK 50 funny Amazon reviews [Geekosystem]
As one commenter exhibits, it’s hard not to get jacked up about inflatable toast.

FAILS The 25 worst missed dunks ever [Bleacher Report]
A heaping scoop of embarrassing with a side of painful.

KEVIN! 12 things you probably didn’t know about “Home Alone” [BuzzFeed]
Unless you’re Macaulay Culkin.

INVISIBLE Stuff you should know: how to disappear [Smoking Jacket]
Where in the world is Mr. Harry Pairatestes?

X-MAS The ultimate geek holiday gift guide [MTV Geek]
Some geektastic ideas for all you shopping procrastinators.

EUPHEMISM “He didn’t make it” megacut [HuffPo]
Hollywood’s civilized way of announcing someone’s death.

Photo: New York Magazine