7 Important Things Plus Emma Watson Is Perky

LADIES Emma Watson’s wizard after Harry Potter [Daily Mail]
That’s a wig; she doesn’t have magical growing hair…we don’t think.

BANGERS Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg & Akon “Kush” [XXL Mag]
Ironically off the album titled “Detox.”

FLASH Sick behind-the-scenes photos & video from Winter Dew Tour [Alli Action]
Lights, camera, awesome…

REWIND The top 10 most-watched YouTube videos of the year [BuzzFeed]
Quiz: how many can you guess correctly? Quiz winner receives 10 internet points.

TRUTH Honest grad school ads [CollegeHumor]
“Return to the academic vagina!”

ALERT Gawker hacked, 1.2 million passwords exposed [Urlesque]
Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ passwords!

X-MAS 11 toys NOT to get your kids this Christmas [HuffPo]
This year, give your child the gift of a tramp stamp!

DUMBEREST CNN accidentally aired “Dumb and Dumber” diarrhea scene [BestWeekEver]
We want to meet the person who pulled this prank, or made this gigantic mistake.

Photo: Daily Mail