Kim Kardashian And Lauren Conrad Make Way More Money Than You

If you’ve ever looked at Kim Kardashian and, after of moment of staring at her ass, asked yourself, “What exactly does this woman do?” you’ll be happy to hear that The Daily Beast has an answer. Kim Kardahsian makes money. After conducting some surprisingly thorough research, the website determined that Kim is the highest paid reality star on earth thanks to her endorsement deals (Skechers Shape-ups, Kotex), her own companies (K Dash, PerfectSkin) and her gargantuan appearance fees (up to $75,000). All together, those business deals earned Kim a cool $6 million in 2010, enough to buy almost half a million boxes of Kim Kardashian cupcake mix.

Not far behind Kim on the super-rich reality-star list is Lauren Conrad, who brought in $5 million in 2010. Unlike Kim, whose book “Kardashian Konfidential” was a huge flop, Lauren has moved books like a forklift. Her young adult novels, about things like reality stars caught up in tabloid wars (Where does she get her ideas?!) have sold more than a million copies in hardback. But LC’s biggest money maker is her line of clothes for Kohl’s, which ladies really love.

A few other MTV stars popped up on the list, include Audrina Patridge, who made an estimated $3.5 million in 2010, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, who made $3 million, and DJ Pauly D, who scored $2 million.

So the next time someone tries to make fun of a reality star by questioning what the hell they do, you’ll know what to say. “They make more money than you, hater.” (Unless you’re talking to someone really rich, of course.)

Now look at this gallery of the evolution of Kim Kardashian. She looks nice.