Meet The Stars Of The Lingerie Football League, Pt. 3

It wouldn’t be Friday if you didn’t spend some time meeting some of the stars of the Lingerie Football League. Up today, six badasses, including two sisters. Let’s get it on!

Amanda and Danika Brace, RB, LB, Seattle Mist

Yes, they play on the same team. Yes, the Seattle natives are rising stars. But no, this isn’t a beer commercial and Amanda and Danika aren’t twins. Amanda, at 26 years old, is a 5-foot-5, 128-pound running back who’s all speed and style. Danika, four years younger, comes in at 5-foot-8, 155 pounds and looks like she was born with eye black on. They’re lightning and thunder, and, yes, they’re blonde.

Laurel Creel, QB, LB, Seattle Mist

Two years ago, a woman from Wasilla, Alaska, changed America. She taught us the difference between hockey moms and pit bulls, and how, if you squint really hard from eastern Alaska, you can watch Vladimir Putin punching caribou. A few weeks ago, the world was introduced to another killer from from Wasilla, when then-backup QB Laurel Creel nearly led the Seattle offense to a win over L.A. after taking over for an injured Natasha Lindsey. With her deadly arm and those pouty lips, Creel’s a rising star in the league. Trust us, nobody’s gonna be making any “lipstick on a pig” jokes.

Ashley Salerno, QB, Los Angeles Temptation

Salerno spent the first two decades of her life as a soccer goalie, waiting for the game to come to her. She spent the first game of her LFL career making up for lost time. Accounting for all five touchdowns (two passing, three rushing) in the Temptation’s win over Seattle, the former Cal Poly Pomona soccer standout immediately catapulted herself into the top tier of quarterbacks in the league and into the special place in our hearts.

Britainie DeGarbott, WR, San Diego Seduction

DeGarbott’s first credit on IMDB lists her as “Sexy Girl #2″ on the now-defunct TV show “Las Vegas.” All indications point to a mistake in casting though, as she clearly prefers No. 6. And the number’s been good to her, taking her through a five-touchdown year with L.A. in 2009 and a 56-yard game with her new team this year (on just five touches). Lucky for you, she works as a nurse in the cardiac ward at Long Beach Hospital-–which is convenient, because if she doesn’t break your heart, she’ll find a way to “make your ankle break off.

Chalie Dishongh, RB, Dallas Desire

Dishongh wants you to know that she’s much more than a football player. She’s also a college student, a model of French and Native American descent, and a future fashion designer. At least for the time being, she’s also a Hooters waitress. But when serving hot wings to guys who wear sweatpants and “Everything’s Bigger in Texas” T-shirts didn’t provide enough thrills, she decided to start playing tackle football on the side. Turns out she’s quicker than your boss’s temper, so it all worked out.