Hip Hop’s 11 Greatest ‘Star Wars’ References

We’ve always thought of rappers as cool cats — stone cold hustlers sleeping on Cristal soaked mattresses full of money or slinging drugs in Bed Stuy. But recently, we’ve done a full 180 because we now know that rappers are huge dorks! Don’t let the iced-out cell phones, platinum chains, and endless supply of attractive ladies fool you, most emcees are nerds at heart. From Biz Marquee’s Mozart-aping video for “Just a Friend” to the RZA’s endless kung-fu movie references, hip hop’s best and brightest have been letting their geek flag fly for years. Case in point: “Star Wars” references. Check out all of these hip-hop allusions to one of the main pillars of geekery…

The Track: Eminem -– “Rain Man”
The Rhyme: “He used to be like a hero to me / I even believe I had one of those 25-cent stickers on my refrigerator right next to Darth Vader / And Darth must have put a hex on him for later.”
We Say: There’s all kinds of geekery here. The “he” mentioned in the first line is Christopher Reeves as Superman, so this line is a bit of a two-for-one. Comics and sci-fi — what a geek!
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The Track: Ludacris –- “Party No Mo”
The Rhyme: “And I keep the hood with me like Obi-Wan Kenobi”
We Say: Obviously Luda’s seen “A New Hope” at least once. Picking Obi-Wan for a reference over Luke? The man clearly knows who the real badass was.
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The Track: Lupe Fiasco –- “Failure”
The Rhyme: “No plaque but a whole lot of cheese / This the drill / Mr. Chill gave me the green light like Yoda knife.”
We Say: Not only name-dropping Yoda but knowing what color his light saber is? Lupe’s definitely seen these movies a few times. He’s probably even tried out the roleplaying game.
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The Track: Notorious B.I.G. –- “Hypnotize”
The Rhyme: “Tell them ho take they clothes off slowly / Hit ‘em with the Force like Obi…”
We Say: This song really has everything. We included it in the best hip-hop Thanksgiving lyrics last week and now we’re gonna include it again. As for the rhyme: who else but Biggie could pull off a “Star Wars” reference in a line about how much sex he gets?
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The Track: A Tribe Called Quest -– “Wild Hot”
The Rhyme: “No, ’cause he move like the wind, in flight / Counter-attack like a Jedi Knight.”
We Say: We think Q-Tip is saying he’s aware of the part of the Jedi Code that says a Jedi must never attack first. Right?
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The Track: Talib Kweli –- “Get By”
The Rhyme: “We sell, crack to our own out the back of our homes / We smell the musk at the dusk in the crack of the dawn / We go through ‘Episodes II,’ like ‘Attack of the Clones’ / Work ’til we break our back and you hear the crack of the bone”
We Say: Sorry, we got distracted by the sweetness of that rhyme. What were we talking about? Oh yeah: you’ve got to be a complete “Star Wars” geek or a complete NOOB to drop an “Episode II” reference. When it comes to Kweli, we pick the former.
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The Track: Eminem -– “Stay Wide Awake”
The Rhyme: “How you cower / Jump out on you now like I was Jawa from f*cking ‘Star Wars’ / Jabba the Hutt, beddy-bye-bye”
We Say: Eminem must have watched the hell out of “A New Hope” when he was a kid. Way to keep all of your references confined to Tatooine, Marshall.
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The Track: MF Doom -– “Hoe Cakes”
The Rhyme: “Smackin rookies, he is the ‘Super!’ / Look like a black wookie when he let his beard grow”
We Say: Trust the rapper who wears a superhero mask to bust out a Chewbacca reference.
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The Track: Busta Rhymes –- “Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check”
The Rhyme: “Through like G.I. Joe / ‘Star Wars’ movie deal like Han Solo / Make you bounce around like this was calypso”
We Say: Please. If Busta really knew his sci-fi trivia, he’d know that Harrison Ford — an unknown set carpenter when George Lucas cast him in the first “Star Wars” movie — was paid pennies for his work.
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The Track: Cam’ron –- “Lord You Know”
The Rhyme: “Lawyer on my side keep me out of jail the fees stew. Steep? whoo! / But it might lead to that R2D2, the mobsters creep through.”
We Say: We had to consult an expert to figure out this one. Apparently Killa Cam’s talking about the cops. Or shooting his lawyer. One of those.
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The Track: Inspectah Deck –- “Hellz Wind”
The Rhyme: “Lethal weapon, step through your section with the Force like Luke Skywalker / Rhyme author, orchestrate mind torture.”
We Say: Considering just how nerdy the Wu Tang can get (they’ve got a song about CHESS), this is pretty tame. Who doesn’t know that Luke Skywalker uses the force?
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