7 Cheerleading Fails That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

Two, four, six, eight…what do we appreciate? Hot girls staring death in the face as they fumble during cheerleader routines, that’s what. It doesn’t matter if you’re a die hard sports fan or someone who completely hates the sight of balls, everyone can enjoy a good cheerleader blooper. Well, except for cheerleaders. So without any further ado, here are seven great cheerleading bloopers that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Ahhhh, how we love the misfortune of others.

Unfortunately, we can’t say that no cheerleaderd were harmed during the making of this list.

Tornado Kick — It’s unclear what the lady on the left did to deserve this, but there is a betting pool on whether or not this was an accident. The flyer looks a little too determined as she connects her sneaker to her opponents face, and she’s not winning an Oscar for her reaction after either.

The Tantrum — Perhaps she was trying to get the attention of an ex-boyfriend but this stunt just resulted in her getting owned by the lawn.

El Humpty Dumpty — This video is only awesome because of the audience reaction. It’s possibly the best heckling of 2007.

Here Comes The Bride — In this grainy video, a girl tumbles down an aisle only to smack the hell out of her teammate who some how doesn’t remember to move out of the way. At least they hug it out before a fight breaks out.

TKO — She may be little, but a kick in the face from this young lady isn’t a walk in the park — it’s a kick in the face.

BRING IT ON! — This could have been a deleted scene from that Kirsten Dunst movie, but the fainting involved is just waaaay too dramatic.

Invisible Banana Peel — Keep your eye on the lazy girl, the one who can’t be bothered to show some spirit. She’s about to go SPLAT!

To see high school athletes who are far more coordinated than these ladies, watch “The Ride” on MTV2 Saturday night at 11p/10c.


Photo: kcolwell