Hung With Care: Paul Rodriguez Makes A Backpack For Your Board

If you’re out with your skateboard but you don’t want to ride it, you’ve got three choices: throw your skateboard away; carry your skateboard in your hands; or strap your skateboard to your stylish backpack. Clearly, the last option is the best option. But in order to go with that option you need a stylish backpack that holds a skateboard. That’s where pro skater Paul Rodriguez’s Signature Collection with Incase comes into play.

The line meshes P-Rod’s personal style and Incase’s durable design to create skateboard-specific, weather-resistant nylon gear that is equal parts form and function. The skate pack features a tool kit panel that allows you to secure things inside and a skateboard attachment that holds on to your deck on the outside. And the duffel bag includes a hideaway leash that turns the piece into a rolling bag when a skateboard is attached and a stash pocket for whatever it is you want to stash. It also comes with a completely free bonus feature: If you fall on your back while wearing it, you’ll be totally fine.

The bags are available in aubergine/electric orange and black, and retail for as low as $129.95.

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