6 Important Things Plus Tyra Gives You The Warm Shoulder

LADIES Tyra can’t live without sushi and high heels [Suicide Girls]
Just like you can’t live without cheeseburgers and Chuck Taylors.

BANGERS Fashawn “Papers” (Grizzly City Kush remix) [XXL Mag]
Here’s the graduate level course off the forthcoming “Higher Learning 2.”

BOARDS Doug Miles Jr. rips it at Tempe Park [Transworld Skateboarding]
The takeaway here is that less hat sweat equals more awesome.

SUPERFAN Nicki Minaj’s number one fan freaks out [BuzzFeed]
Maybe someone else should drive.

BRAWL Andre Johnson, Cortland Finnegan fight, get ejected [BroBible]
Johnson has a career in MMA when he’s done catching touchdowns.

STATUS 10 very funny “owned” on Facebook pics [Unreality]
The best kind of humiliation is the one shared with Facebook friends.

PAWS Did somebody say “Mambo Dog”? [CollegeHumor]
Bonus: We’re pretty sure that’s Sofia Vergara in the background.

Photo: Suicide Girls