6 Important Things Plus Patton Suicide Gets Bent Of Out Shape

LADIES Patton Suicide is into quantum physics and short shorts [Suicide Girls]
The square root of Patton is hot.

BANGERS Swizz Beatz feat. Busta Rhymes “Bad One” [XXL Mag]
Totally bad, in a good way.

WHEELS Hollywood’s most hair-raising car chases [Smoking Jacket]
You wanna go fast?

MISSING 25 hilarious lost pet flyers [Urlesque]
“You get your ass out there and you find that f***n’ dog!”

O-FACE The best crowd reactions to Oprah’s favorite things [BuzzFeed]
What exactly is Oprah giving away these days?

LAFFS The funniest notes to bad parkers [Huffington Post]
Every awful parking job deserves a nasty note like these.

BITE SIZE 60 minimalist superheroes [High Definite]
A who’s who of supernatural powers for all your mini-superhero needs.

Photo: Suicide Girls