Flava Flav’s Face Will Soon Be On Flavored Vodka And Fried Chicken

Every shrewd celebrity who knows that their name has value slaps it on things to make money. For Flava Flav, the next two things he’s slapping his name on will be flavored vodka and fried chicken.

“I’ve got the Flavor Flav flavored vodkas and a range of wine coming with my lyrics on the back,” Flava said. As for the chicken, he explained, “It’s called FFC and the Colonel better watch out.”

Are you surprised by these innovations? The correct answer is no. And, at least the items jibe with Flava’s name and persona. The same cannot be said for Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s hot sauce and Michael Jackson’s premium chocolate bar. If Flava only included a clock with all purchases then he’d really be on to something.

We’d like to go ahead and recommended Flava’s two products as a part of a massively unhealthy yet strangely satisfying Flava Flav diet. Best case, it turns you into a wealthy C-list celebrity who’s both a legend and a joke. Worst case, it makes you barf. But it can’t be any worse than Four Loko, right?

Via Daily Star

Photo: Getty Images