The Six Degrees Of Lyrical Separation: Connecting Any Two Artists In Six Easy Steps

Over here, we’re fans of Kevin Bacon.

We loved him as the thank-you-sir-may-I-have-another frat whipping boy in “Animal House,” wanted to be him as he danced a town’s pants off in “Footloose” and stopped wanting to be him as he almost got lost in space in “Apollo 13.”

But more than all of his films –- except for maybe “Wild Things” -– we’re partial to the game that bears his name. Based on the idea that every person in the world can be connected through other people in no more than six steps, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is our favorite way to waste time.

Well, at least it was until we conceived of a new way to play the old game: What if we tried to connect every pop musician on the planet by linking together phrases they use in song?

As a starting point, we picked 10 artists who recently released albums and mined through a whole internet’s worth of lyrics to bridge the gap between, say, Taylor Swift and Neil Diamond. The results might surprise you. But not as much as the time Neve Campbell and Denise Richards surprised Kevin Bacon in “Wild Things.”

Check them out below then let us know which two artists you’d like to see connected. We can do anyone! Challenge us! Come on!

First up, Swift and Diamond, who required us to make a small, logical, stop at Paul Anka, who’s kind of a cross between the two.

Next, we pair up a duo that released two very different albums. Weezer out out “Death to False Metal,” a collection of rarities and never-before-officially-released-but-listened-to-by-hardcore-fans-anyway recordings. Mariah Carey released her yearly Christmas album/attempt to make your mom burst out into tears in the check-out line at Stein Mart.

Chances are, Good Charlotte wouldn;t exist as it does today without Elvis Costello paving the way. But they’d still probably write this unfortunate lyric.

Synth-poppers Matt & Kim have exploded lately, bursting out of Brooklyn and into the hearts of indie fans everywhere with the release of their new album “Sidewalks.” Meanwhile, it’s pretty safe to assume that N*E*R*D wasn’t really paying attention to the election season while he was recording its new release “Nothing.”

Finally, Huey Lewis and the News indulges its fan base of people who wanted to see Hall and Oates but couldn’t get tickets with “Soulville,” while cult Houston rapper Devin the Dude brings his fans “Gotta Be Me.” Also, while you’re connecting the two, have some Insane Clown Posse, on us.