Another Day, Another Katy Perry Latex Dress

Back when Jeff Foxworthy was at the height of his career, selling out arenas all across the Bible Belt, a lot of coastal elites criticized him for sticking to the same staid “You might be a redneck” formula. “Come on, Jeff, do something new!” his critics would yell as they nursed their glasses of Merlot and adjusted their monocles. But we always thought that no matter how boring the formula got, if it was working he should stick with it.

That’s also our position on Katy Perry and her latex dresses. The girl busts out a new latex dress nearly every time she hits the stage and at some point people are going to start complaining about it. To these imagined people and their imagined complaints, we’d like to say, “Shut up!” We support Katy and her decision to wear latex dresses with pictures of gumball machines or cupcakes or whatever cavity-causing foodstuffs she chooses.

OK. Glad that’s off our chests. Now look at these photos of Katy at BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards in London. And then look at this whole gallery of Katy Perry’s latex dresses.