7 Disgusting Bathroom Pranks You Should Pull On Your Friends

A bathroom is a guy’s sanctuary — where he showers, poops, pees, shaves and, we hope, brushes his teeth. Naturally, it’s also where a guy is most vulnerable to a prank.

Since you pride yourself on your ingenuity and would never buy fake poop online, we’ve got some guidance on how make bathroom pranks happen DIY style. We know you sickos have some of your own favorites, so have at it in the comments. And, of course, a disclaimer: don’t try these at home, but if you do, we won’t tell anyone.

7. The “Upper Decker”

This one is classic, cruel, smelly, and pretty hysterical. It’s also simple, but best performed at a party where the person you’re pranking won’t know who did the deed. Just sneak away to the bathroom and let ‘er rip in the “upper deck.” Of course you’ll need to remove the tank’s cover, but that’s easy. The “reward” might take a couple days, but the person will eventually catch a whiff of the natural disaster and go nuts trying to figure out where the stench is coming from.

6. Plastic-wrap the can

This is another classic, and for the victim, pretty horrifying whether they go number one or number two. Step one: Illustrated in the photo above, just cover the toilet seat with plastic wrap. Stretch out the plastic so there’s no creases visible to tip off your friend. Step two: Remember not to use the can yourself after laying down the plastic (important!). When your friend eventually goes to the bathroom, he’ll get shocked mid-pee with a splattering of his own yellow, or maybe something worse. Step three: Laugh at him, and prepare yourself for retaliation.

5. Cream cheese deodorant

If you do this to your girlfriend like John did to Nikki, she may soon become your ex-girlfriend.

4. The self-inflicted shower soaking

This one is harmless, extremely easy to pull off and highly amusing. The key is finding someone who turns on the shower before actually getting in. Once you’ve identified someone who does this, turn the showerhead so it faces outside the shower area. Most people don’t even look up before turning the nozzle. Make sure you listen outside the door so you can hear all the curse words.

3. “Icy Hot” a toilet seat

It’s not an advertised use and certainly not an approved use of the product, but getting a friend to pop a squat on a toilet smeared with Icy Hot is a fantastic way to get revenge. A variation of this, which is an absolutely terrible idea, is putting glue on a toilet seat. But that’s just dumb, and might get you sued.

2. Make fake poop from the cardboard inside a roll of toilet paper

You better act fast, because Scott is going “green” and eliminating these cardboard insides. So follow the narrator’s instructions, and have fun with your new fake poop!

1. Explosive synthetic diarrhea

Sometimes the story is better in the prankster’s own words. This prank is definitely one of those cases. Check this out from “The Poop Report”:

“When I was in high school I used to play a fun trick on people. Me and my friends would show up at someone’s house and visit for a while. Then I’d act like I was experiencing some gastro-intestinal distress and excuse myself to the bathroom.

Then the fun began….

I carried a gallon size ziploc bag filled with a special concoction of synthesized [poop]. I don’t remember the exact recipe because I usually made it when I was [inebriated]. But it included Hershey’s syrup, corn starch (thickening agent), and oatmeal.

When I was in the bathroom, I’d splash it all over the back of the toilet and under the seat. After hiding out in the john for about 15 minutes I’d reappear for my hosts and I’d wax poetic about my bowel bomb with comments like, “I wouldn’t go in there if I were you!”

I would then announce that I had to be somewhere in ten minutes and I’d quickly leave. I made a lot of enemies but I think chicks dig it.”

That’s right, chicks dig the long ball and cans covered with poop. We want to meet this guy and shake his hand, but only if we watch him wash it first.

For more pranks, check out “Pranked” which airs Thursdays at 10/9c.