Rachel Bilson Is Dressed Up As A Sexy French Maid And We Don’t Care Why

On the set of her new film “BFF and Baby,” Rachel Bilson is, for whatever reason, dressed a sexy French maid. This reminded us that hot women look even hotter when dressed in French maid outfits. (Questions: Is this really how french maids dress, or used to dress? Did you know there’s actually a website called buyfrenchmaidcostumes.com? Are you surprised?)

Glad we got that off our chests. Speaking of chests, you should actually see the photo of Rachel that brought us down this long, windy path of questions. You’ll find a bonus to left and right of Rachel, her BFF co-stars Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter. Enjoy.

Via Popoholic

Photos: Rachel-online.org, Popoholic