7 Important Things Plus Paula Is The Leaning Tower Of Hotness

LADIES You want to see the bottom half of Paula Suicide’s photo [Suicide Girls]
Seriously, you do.

ROBOTS Daft Punk – “Tron Legacy” [Some Kind of Awesome]
Listen to this, then watch the trailer, then get excited.

BOARDS Picture this: Josh Stafford [Alli Action]
Unexpected and awesome: a pet snake and a shrine to Taylor Swift.

WIZARDS Quidditch world cup coming to NYC, private school [Film Drunk]
Hey, if this gets Emma Watson in a skirt…

THE OFFICE Stuff you should know: neckties [The Smoking Jacket]
Guess what Chris Brown and Orville Redenbacher have in common?

MOVEMBER A brief exegesis of the American mustache circa 1965 to 2010 [BroBible]
Now perform your civic duty and grow that ‘stache, even if it’s gross and uneven.

SURPRISE 5 movies that are uncharacteristic of their directors [Unreality]
When “The Matrix” meets a lesbian scene, you get…

RICK ROLL Rick Astley – “Never Gonna Give You Up” metal version [The High Definite]
23 years later, Rick finally adds some edge.

Photo: Suicide Girls