7 Important Things Plus Vice Gets A Grip

LADIES Vice Suicide is into sarcasm, tequila, Great Danes and San Francisco [Suicide Girls]
This is your chance, sarcastic, Patrón-guzzling dog lovers in the Bay area.

BANGERS Swizz Beatz feat. Rakim “King Tut” [XXL Mag]
Ancient Egyptians would definitely dig this.

BOARDS 6-year-old skater shreds [CollegeHumor]
After a big run, he cools down with fruit snacks and a juice box.

SO BAD IT’S GOOD The 10 most horrendous boy band music videos [The Smoking Jacket]
Regrettably, O-Town really did make a video for its song “Liquid Dreams.”

WHEELS The car you don’t want [BuzzFeed]
Fully loaded, great gas mileage and STDs included.

CONSPIRACIES The 25 greatest urban legends in sports history [Bleacher Report]
Any good conspiracy needs a solid nickname: “The Frozen Envelope.”

THE TWITTER Tweet of the day [The Daily What]
T-minus nine hours.

FILTER The social media sobriety test doesn’t let you post while drunk [Urlesque]
If only Jade Angel had the software!

Photo: Suicide Girls