Daria’s Voice Is Now Available For Your GPS, Or Whatever

Sometimes when we go on long trips we bring along our most jaded, cynical friend so she can help read the map and make lots of snide remarks in between giving us directions. Recently, though, this friend has started to decline our invitations. Apparently she’s got a life. So we tried to move on and find another friend with the right amount of apathy and wit. Couldn’t do it. Until we found this, the greatest collaboration between global positioning technology and the cartoon of our adolescences: Daria can be downloaded for your GPS!

Yes, Daria Morgendorffer, the eye-rollingest teenager in Lawndale, has been shrunk down small enough to fit into a GPS device by the fine folks over at Navtones. Now we can get back on the road with the surliest teenager to ever be animated and listen to her:

Not care if you get lost.

Make fun of GPS.

Be depressed about having to give you directions.

Make fun of you.

Summarize the ’90s in four words.

Hate her parents.

Be sarcastic about what you mean to her.

Quiz you about your and your car’s hygiene.

Via Navtones