7 Important Things Plus Jennalee Swims On Land

LADIES Jennalee loves zombie movies and the beach [Inked Mag]
How about a beach filled with zombies?

RAWK Filter’s “No Love” video [NoiseCreep]
Come for the music, stay for the Carmen Electra cameo.

DROPPING 25 fourth-quarter albums we’re looking forward to [Complex]
The best was saved for last.

WTF 13 bizarre beauty products for women [The Smoking Jacket]
It’s good to be a guy.

TMNT Cowabunga! A real-life Ninja Turtles van [Unreality]
Find the Ghostbusters car for a totally epic novelty car battle.

IT’S OVER When couples are most likely to break up, according to Facebook [The Daily What]
It’s not complicated; it’s science.

THE TUBE The 8 most influential TV family sitcoms [Guyism]
Honorable mention: The Banks family.

ANSWERS Red-shirt guy responds [CollegeHumor]
Meet him in the Malfurion realm!

Photo: Inked Mag