8 Important Things Plus Viix Is A Star

LADIES What is Viix looking at? [Inked Mag]
Maybe it’s you.

BANGERS T.I. “Ya Hear Me” + “Get Yo Girl” [Nah Right]
We hear ya.

BOARDS Nike 6.0 D-Pad Session full video [GrindTV]

G-STRING Our 15 favorite strippers (in movies) [Next Movie]
To-do list: Netflix “Zombie Strippers” immediately.

MCFLY Playboy goes “Back To The Future” [Playboy]
Playboy and “BTTF”–a match made in somewhere awesome.

BATMAN “Dark Knight 2″ won’t be 3-D, Nolan says no Riddler [Film Drunk]
How about Charlie Sheen as Cluemaster?

DRUG LAB Top 10 things you probably shouldn’t turn your dorm room into [BroBible]
We’re going to go ahead and add “fight club” to this list.

WOW Red shirt guy asks the nerdiest question ever [BuzzFeed]
Meet the unofficial king of the nerds.

INK Portland ink enthusiast injects ink INTO his eyes [Urlesque]