The 13 Scariest Video Games Ever

It’s Halloween this weekend and there’s no better way to get amped up for the big day than by playing some of the scariest video games of all time. We’ve gathered some old and some new games that scared the bejeezus out of us and we’re sure would scare the hell out of you. Check it out.

13. “Half-Life” (1998 & 2001) You’re a scientist just going about your business at work. Then a portal to another dimension suddenly opens and a bunch of crazy aliens burst through. Luckily you have a crowbar, some guns and the smarts to outwit those pesky ETs.

12. “Resident Evil” (1996) The game might seem corny 14 years after it came out, but we know you jumped out of your skin the first time you saw those dogs burst through the windows of that dark hallway. There was nothing creepier at the time.

11. “The Suffering” (2004) So you’re in a state penitentiary for killing your wife and kids, and you’re continually proclaiming your innocence. No big deal. Then there’s a huge earthquake and all the demons from hell start destroying everything around you. Not cool.

10. “Condemned: Criminal Origins” (2005) Who would have thought that a special agent chasing a killer would be so gory? And getting trapped in a quarantined part of the city with psychopaths crawling out of ceilings? Nice touch.

9. “Doom 3″ (2004) Dimly lit spaceship hallways, tinkering noises in every corner and then boom! A nasty looking alien monster thing jumps in front of you as you try to blast your way past it. This is the entire game. It’s nonstop action.

8. “Siren: Blood Curse” (2008) For some reason, you and your TV crew want to travel to Japan and find out what happened to a town that has disappeared amidst rumors of sacrificial killings. And you find out pretty quickly why this wasn’t a very smart decision. The next 48 hours are spent trying to survive and escape from crazy zombie villagers.

7. “Dead Space” (2008) It would really suck to be trapped on a mining spaceship in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of aliens who are killing your friends. Especially if all you have to fight back are some mining tools. It makes for a hell of video game though.

6. “Silent Hill 2″ (2001) While the original “Silent Hill” did a great job scaring you, “Silent Hill 2″ took it to another level with a thicker fog, mysteriously bloody streets and new monsters, including some dude with a pyramid as a head. Sounds scary, right?

5. “Alan Wake” (2010) As an author suffering from writer’s block, you head to a small town hoping to get your mojo back. Instead, your wife goes missing, the difference between sleeping and waking life starts to blur, and you have to run through a creepy forest while fighting creatures of the dark. Should have just stayed home.

4. “Left 4 Dead” (2008) Some may not think this zombie game is too scary, since you’re playing with three other survivors who have your back. But when you get separated from the team in a cornfield, the chills will run through your spine.

3. “F.E.A.R.” (2006) It’s all about the little girl. Who cares that you have pistols, assault rifles, sub-machine guns, grenades and some weird beam guns, there’s a ghost girl tormenting you throughout the whole game! Eek.

2. “Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem” (2002) The premise of the game (finding out who murdered your grandfather) doesn’t seem too frightening. But while you’re fighting the ghosts and demons you have to watch your “sanity meter.” If it starts to go down, the game starts to mess with you. Camera angles change, walls and ceilings start bleeding, the volume of the game goes down, and screaming, footsteps and slamming doors torment you. Disturbing.

1. “Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly” (2003) No weapons. No magic. No powers. All you have in your fight against the spirits haunting this disheveled town is a camera. The closer you let the ghost get to you, the better the picture you capture and the better chance you have to beat them. Scariest. Game. Ever.