7 Innocent Actresses Who’ve Gripped The Stripper Pole

There’s an easy way to shed a “good girl” image in Hollywood and win more R-rated roles, and all it involves is a stripper pole and bikini top (or no top at all). Apparently there’s something about a topless woman writhing on a stage that captures the public’s attention. Kristen Stewart is the latest actress to go from innocent young lady to clothes-shedding stripper. In “Welcome to the Rileys,” which comes out tomorrow, she plays a down and out “dancer” who James Gandolfini tries to save from a life of nakedness. But not all stripper roles are such bummers.

So grab your singles, gentlemen, it’s time to celebrate the not-so-innocent women who strapped on a G-string for the big screen.

1. Elizabeth Berkley — “Showgirls” (1995)

It’s still hard to believe that “Saved By The Bell’s” Jessie Spano is the face (and boobs) of “Showgirls.” It almost felt dirty to see Berkley play a very naked Vegas showgirl after her four-year run as the studious, conservative, borderline-prude Jessie. It’s safe to say we were so excited, so excited, but also so scared to see “Showgirls” when it came out.

Just how naked: Very.
First role after: “The First Wives Club” as Phoebe LaVelle

2. Jessica Biel — “Powder Blue” (2009)

Biel left “7th Heaven” in 2002, the same year she played a horny college girl with loose morals named Lara in “Rules of Attraction.” In the time since, she’s showed her barely covered goods in every major men’s magazine, much to the delight of those magazines’ readers. Then in 2009, she finally made the leap to playing a stripper in “Powder Blue,” which went straight to DVD. If you’re interested, it’s available for your gawking pleasure for the low, low price of $15.49.

Just how naked: Topless.
First role after: “Planet 51″ as Neera (voice)

3. Lindsay Lohan — “I Know Who Killed Me” (2007)

It’s difficult to connect the dots from “The Parent Trap” to this role as a stripper, but Lindsay did spend much of her time offscreen doing drugs and appearing in court, so it’s not like her playing a stripper was much of a surprise. We’re not here to pile shame on the troubled starlet though. We just hope she gets some actual, real help. You know, so she can play a stripper again.

Just how naked: No nudity, but major pole humping and pasties on her boobs.
First role after: “Ugly Betty” as Kimmie Keegan

4. Jessica Alba — “Sin City” (2005)

Skinny little Nancy Callahan is all grown up! We can’t decide if Bruce Willis’ narration during Jessica’s strip scene makes it creepy or cool, but that may be because we passed out the first two times we watched the clip. With both Jessicas on this list, it seems like the right time to reintroduce the “Jessica or Jessica” debate.

Just how naked: She’s clothed, barely, but she’s clothed.
First role after: “Fantastic Four” as Sue Storm

5. Vanessa Hudgens — “Sucker Punch” (2011)

Well, well, well, this isn’t a high school musical anymore. The 21-year-old star’s portrayal of a stripper named Blondie in 2011’s “Sucker Punch” is sure to draw the criticism of the Parents Television Council, although it doesn’t appear that Hudgens gets nude. Hudgens actually played a stripper onstage in “Rent” this past summer, possibly part of her campaign to master the art of erotic dancing for her strip-club-loving boyfriend Zac Efron.

Just how naked: TBD.
First role after: “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island”

6. Natalie Portman — “Closer” (2004)

At age 23, the innocent-looking Portman took on the role of Alice Ayres, who strips to support herself, in the 2004’s “Closer.” Apparently Portman was filmed naked for the film but begged the director to edit it out, so the end result is her dancing in a thong (and wow!). Portman even won a Golden Globe as Best Supporting Actress for her performance.

Just how naked: Thong and bra.
First role after: “Domino One” as Dominique Bellamy

7. Kristen Stewart — “Welcome To The Rileys” (2010)

Doesn’t Kristen Stewart as a stripper seem like a real stretch? It seems crazier than Stewart making out with Dakota Fanning in a rock movie (what?!). But Stewart got her stripper on for “Welcome to the Rileys,” and we’ve read that she actually appears in her birthday suit. What are you doing, Bella!?

Just how naked: TBD, but possibly nude.
First role after: “The Runaways” as Joan Jett

Photo: Carolco Pictures, Dimension Films, Getty Images, Argonaut Pictures