A Nearly Comprehensive Guide To Jersey Shore Gifs

If ever there was a television show made for the gif, it was “Jersey Shore.” With its many fist pumps, drunk dances and right jabs, the “Shore” provides more moments that we’d like to immortalize than any other piece of pop culture. And over the past year, that’s just what people have done. It started early on, with gifs of Vinny fist pumping and Snooki eating a pickle, but with time the craft of “Jersey Shore” giffing has matured into an art.

We’ve scoured the internet to find every Jersey Shore gif we could. Some came from message boards like IGN , and we found a lot on gif search engine Gifsoup.com. They are all here (except for one particularly violent gif that we can’t endorse) for your amusement. Go nuts.

First Pumping Like A Champ, Part 1

Fist Pumping Like A Champ, Part 2

Fist Pumping Like A Champ, Part 3

Fist Pumping Like A Sweaty Champ

The Snooki Cackle

The Snooki Nod

The Snooki Scamper

JWOOW And Uncle Nino

JWOOW’s Boobs, Part 1

JWOOW’s Boobs, Part 2

JWOOW’s Boobs, Part 3

JWOOW’s Boobs, Part 4

Drunk Ronnie, Part 1

Drunk Ronnie, Part 2

Drunk Ronnie, Part 3

Drunk Ronnie, Part 4

The Pauly D Retreat

The Random Guy Barf

The Vinny Couch Ride

The Ronnie Air Hump, Part 1

The Ronnie Air Hump, Part 2

Vinny Dance, Part 1

Vinny Dance, Part 2

The Snooki Dance

The Sitch Pump

The Ham And Water

The Snooki’s Pickle

The Slo-Mo Angelina Smack

The JWOWW Punch

The Ronnie Smackdown

The Ronnie Punch

The “Unh-Uh”

The “Whaaaaa?”

The “OMG! WTF!”

The “Uhhhhh-huh.”

The “Ahhhhhh!”

The “Pssssshhh.”

The “Ewwwwwww!”

The Vinny’s Eyebrows

The “One, two three. M-V-P.”