Pop Star Halloween Costumes Dos And Don’ts

If you’re anything like us, you’re determined every year to come up with a hilarious, creative Halloween costume that will cause women to throw themselves at you. And every year you have no good ideas so you just throw on some sunglasses and call yourself the latest pop star. Don’t feel bad. There’s no shame in going out on October 31 as Britney Spears or Justin Bieber. Sure, it’s not the most original idea, but a well-executed pop star costume can be super impressive. But we like them better when they’re executed poorly, like the two above.

But before we get to the long list of Halloween costume dont’s, we’d like to offer up a few dos:

+ DO go all out. Half-hearted attempts at a costume are the worst.

+ DO go with an obscure star. There will be lots of Lady Gagas at Halloween parties, but not many Chers.

+ DO play the part. Being a pop star is about more than looking the part, you also have act the part. Can you be distant and self-absorbed? Then you can be a pop star!

And now for the don’ts, in image form.