7 Important Things Plus Katy Perry Crawling On All Fours

LADIES This is Katy Perry promoting her new perfume, “Purr” [MTV Style]
Maybe that giant ball of string pulls a thread on Katy’s catsuit.

BANGERS Kanye ft. Keri Hilson, Pusha T, CyHi the Prynce “Take One for the Team” [XXL Mag]
Love the beat or hate it, Kanye spits some sick verses.

BOARDS Dew Tour championships — 2010 skate vert video [Alli Action]
In case you missed it (for shame!).

UNDERARMS Your move, Old Spice [The High Definite]
Axe 1, Old Spice 0.

UH-OH Evacuation instructions for awkward situations [CollegeHumor]
Equipment required: an infant and a shiv.

SAY WHAT? Tiger Woods’ sext messages filtered by Apple’s new anti-sexting machine [Urlesque]
Decode at your own risk: “Hug your face. Treat you like a happy little elf.”

140 Don’t drink and tweet! The funniest drunk tweets by comedians [Huffington Post]
Drunk tweeting is the new drunk texting, just with 20 fewer characters.

WTF 7 of the weirdest vintage sex products ever [Guyism]
Tell us, what are the “benefits” of a cordless massager?

Photo: Courtesy of WWD