7 Important Things Plus J-WOWW’s Boob-tacular Outfit

LADIES J-Woww’s “Ultimate Stripper” outfit: hot or not? [Remote Control]
We voted hot, twice.

BANGERS Ja Rule feat. Mary J. Blige “Press On” [XXL Mag]
Press play.

BOARDS Texting with Dew leader, Lutzka [GrindTV]
From Vegas, baby.

INK Retro tattoos from Russia [BuzzFeed]
Only a real man gets a Stalin tattoo on his pec.

PUNK’D The 5 best moments from “Punk’d” [The Smoking Jacket]
Justin Timberlake was the first and one of the best.

GALACTIC “Empire Strikes Back” pictures: “Star Wars” before CG [Film Drunk]
Black and white awesomeness.

UNDERGROUND Brooklyn alt-rock band performs “Take Me Out” on Subway [The Daily What]
It’s a solid show for only $2.50.

KARMA John Madden does play-by-play as Brett Favre gets hit in the junk [Bro Bible]
Madden adds corniness to injury.