6 Important Things Plus Renee Fox Is A Fox

LADIES Renee has great ink and the body to match [Inked Mag]
Did you notice that her lips match her thong?

LIVE Gorillaz rock with Lou Reed and Mos Def in NYC [Spinner]
Bonus: Snoop raps in a Christopher Columbus getup.

HALLOWEEN 200 pumpkin carvings: ultimate halloween pumpkins collection [Walyou]
An “Exorcist” pumpkin is a great way to ruin a child’s evening.

TOONS 10 children’s characters who were definitely on drugs [Guyism]
Blame your parents for letting you watch.

TRANSFORM-OH CRAP Cop injured in accident on “Transformers 3″ set [Film Drunk]
Somewhere offscreen, Michael Bay’s panties are in a bunch.

MASHUP “Toy Grit” trailer mashup [The High Definite]
Ken is even shadier in a western film.

<WHEELS Crazy car chase in Brazil [Pedal to the Metal]
“Grand Theft Auto with the helicopter view.”

Photo: Propaganda Ink