Which Actress Makes The Hottest Marilyn Monroe?

Here’s something interesting we’ve recently learned: When an actress goes to Hollywood and agrees to sell her soul for fame, she must also agree to portray Marilyn Monroe at some point in her career. Weird, right? But totally true. The latest actress to fulfill her obligation is Michelle Williams of “Dawson’s Creek” fame. Williams is playing Marilyn in “My Week With Marilyn,” which is about the making of the 1957 movie “The Prince And The Showgirl.”

Now, we’ll be honest, we’re not the first website to notice that every actress alive has played Marilyn Monroe. But unlike all the other sites that have noticed this, we don’t plan on debating who makes the best Marilyn. We plan on debating who makes the hottest Marilyn. It’s a subtle difference, but a difference nonetheless. So here are eight Marilyn Monroe impressions; which is the hottest?

Michelle Williams

Played Marilyn for: “My Week With Marilyn”
What she got right: The hair and the hand positioning are spot on.
What she got wrong: She looks kind of dead.

Lindsay Lohan

Played Marilyn for: A New York Magazine photo shoot
What she got right: The drug addiction.
What she got wrong: The freckles and butt tattoo.

Angelina Jolie

Played Marilyn for: A photo shoot with photographer Douglas Kirkland, who shot similar photos with Marilyn in 1961
What she got right: The pout.
What she got wrong: Marilyn had a lot, but she didn’t have those lips.

Scarlett Johansson

Played Marilyn for: Dolce & Gabbana ad campign
What she got right: The red lips and pale milky skin.
What she got wrong: The curls in the hair are a bit too tight. It’s all in the details, guys!

Jessica Simpson

Played Marilyn for: An Esquire cover shoot
What she got right: Everything. She looks just like Marilyn.
What she got wrong: The image she’s mimicking isn’t actually Marilyn. It’s an Italian look-alike. Oops!

Anna Nicole Smith

Played Marilyn for: Her life.
What she got right: Like Marilyn, Anna Nicole died young.
What she got wrong: Marilyn was all natural. Smith totally wasn’t.


Played Marilyn for: Her “Material Girl” video among other things
What she got right: Madonna was one of the first modern pop stars to play Marilyn, so she gets points for originality.
What she got wrong: But she loses points for taking the mimicry a little too far.

Nicole Kidman

Played Marilyn for: Harper’s Bazaar cover
What she got right: We’ll, she’s blonde, so there’s that.
What she got wrong: Everything else.