Jansport Hoodies Keep That New Sweatshirt Feel Forever

Looking to show your school pride this fall? Well, whether you’re rooting on the Fighting Irish on a Saturday afternoon or showing how smart you are on any other day (we’re looking at you, Harvard kids), JanSport, previously know for its backpacks and not much else, has you covered with its 2010 Collegiate Apparel line.

Representing more than 3,000 universities across the country, the outdoor gear brand designed a system for heat appliqué processing of twill fabric that allows JanSport to create school-decorated apparel with a Pellon-free backing. Confused? That just means it keeps the scratchy stuff, usually found on the inside of your garment, out. The result is the new sweatshirt feel all the time. You know you want that.

Check out NYU and Harvard gear below.